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Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.


Our strategies

Possible to propose household wares that focus on time-saving and efficiency (Japanese patented material) for cleaning.

 Ex) trepica which are 0.045 (mm) ultra-fine brushes penetrate invisible fine grooves and scratches
   and remove the dirt with light force.
Possible to directly export a product from China because we have several partner factories in China.
Possible to take an OEM order as an original brand.


We have our factory and produce sponges in the factory.

Market contrast

We have attended several exhibitions in the US and Europe so far.

History of Aisen

1946Began manufacturing tawashis, brooms, and brushes for cleaning under the trademark “AISEN”
located at 59 Hatagawa, Kainan-city. By constantly aiming toward the production of first-class goods,
the Aisen name was effectively recognized as a mark of superior quality in the market.
1952Became involved with the Asahi Kasei Corporation, which developed
the nation’s first synthetic fiber “saran” and lead the way in the selling of “synthetic fiber tawashi”.
1959Changed the structure of the company, thereby establishing “Aisen Tawashi Co., Ltd.”
with a capital of ¥8,000,000 located at 506 Ononaka, Kainan City.
1963Introduced hair implant technology from England, Western Germany, and Sweden.
1969Changed company name to “Aisen Kogyo Co., Ltd.”.
1970Transferred the main office to 81 Hatagawa, Kainan City.
1973Became involved with Tucel Industries Ins. (U.S.A.) and obtained urethane hair implant technology.
1974Established Tokyo branch office.
1976Established Osaka branch office.
1977Increased the company’s stock holdings to ¥10,000,000.
1978Established Fukuoka branch office.
1980Increased the company’s stock holdings to ¥30,000,000.
1981Increased the company’s stock holdings to ¥45,000,000.
Established Morioka and Sapporo offices.
Established a merged company in Sri Lanka.
1982Transferred the main office to 258 Onoda, Kainan City.
1983Established the Overseas Division in Kobe City.
1984Kobe Overseas Division went independent and established “Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.” with a capital of ¥10,000,000.
1986Began selling “Biosil Cleaners” jointly developed with Dow Corning Co., Ltd. (U.S.A.)
1990Established an automatic packaging factory located at 333 Onoda, Kainan City.
1992Established Nagoya branch office.
1995Found a delivery center in the main office.
1998Began selling biodegradable urethane.
1999Began selling biodegradable body towels.
2001Acquired ISO9002 Certificate. (Akasaka factory)
2003Acquired ISO9001 Certificate. (Akasaka factory)
2005Established Ningbo office.
2006Laundry Hanger Square (LQ41) won a good design award in Japan.
2008Found a distributor center in 250 Onoda, Kainan City.
2009Unified a sponge processing line to Akasaka factory.
2011Established a merged company “Ningbo Aisen Trading Ltd.” in China.
2012Changed a company name to “Aisen Co., Ltd.” (Adopt new CI)
2013Acquired a patent of trepica material jointly developed with UNITICA Co., Ltd.

Company name

Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.


258 Onoda, Kainan City, Wakayama, 642-0014 Japan 
Tel. 81-73-487-4345 Fax. 81-73-487-5544




President Hiroaki Kemi

Our products

Kitchen, bathroom, laundry cleaning goods, etc.